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Brand Building Fulfillment

Your brand is everything! Create an exciting box-opening experience that elevates your customer experience and connects your brand with your customer and your product. Engage your customer and strengthen your relationship. Our packaging options delight your customer and build brand excitement. With boxxconnect, our unique fulfillment service extends your sales and marketing strategy to the very last customer touch point, where you can make a lasting impression.

To create a memorable box-opening experience, our fulfillment services focus on integrating your:

  • Brand
  • Packaging
  • Messaging and delivery


Your brand has tremendous marketing value. The pathway to building that value is to make your customers feel special, which enhances your position in the marketplace. Invest in your brand with boxxconnect fulfillment solutions to increase your brand value.


Brand strength is the emotional attachment that you create between your brand and your customer. At boxxconnect, we partner with you to build and sustain that attachment. Your customer experiences your brand strength from the moment they place an order until they unpack your product.


Brand power comes from your customer wanting more. An exciting, satisfying retail experience gives your brand power. Complete the customer experience with a great impression. At boxxconnect, we offer fulfillment solutions to empower your brand.


Exceptional brands don’t just happen, they are built. Don’t let your brand-building efforts fall flat when your customer opens the box. Build your brand through fulfillment solutions designed and delivered by boxxconnect.


We offer an integrated approach to the box-opening experience. We have designed three levels of customer fulfillment service. Each level gives you unique ways to connect with your customer. Together, we will bring your brand, packaging, messaging, and delivery options together in a way that meets your budget and marketing needs.

We believe in zero waste. We use packaging that can be reused, recycled, or is biodegradable.

About Us

boxxconnect delivers the power of your brand with creative fulfillment solutions. We take an integrated approach to online retail marketing and fulfillment focusing on using your brand, packaging, messaging, and delivery options to produce an engaging box-opening experience.

Give boxxconnect a call. Let’s see how we can empower your brand, exceed your customer’s expectations, and increase their loyalty.

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