To compete in today’s online retail market, you have to elevate your customer’s experience to set your brand apart in this fiercely competitive market. To accomplish this, boxxconnect provides you with a wide range of services that are focused on connecting with your customer and their purchase motivations. 

You create and sell a great product and we take care of the rest. 

We want to simplify your packaging and fulfillment process so you can spend more time building your business.  We’ll partner with you to design a solution that energizes your customer relationship and promotes your brand. We’ll help you focus on the emotional and aesthetic elements of your brand and message.

Our integrated approach to packaging, messaging, delivery, and logistics includes warehousing, receiving, and returns management and offers you a complete solution.

Pick, Pack and Ship

The backbone of fulfillment is a streamlined, automated, and nimble PICK-PACK-SHIP operation. We simplify the process and standardize the automated components. The content varies, depending on your needs.

Regardless of the level of service, the role of the fulfillment components are the same.

We automate where we can without compromising quality and care. We help you plan your inventory to minimize your investment, and we help you to develop delivery options that give your customers options that are clear and transparent.

Creative package design makes the maximum visual impression at the least cost. When your package arrives on the doorstep, you are poised to delight your customer.

We believe in zero waste. We use packaging that can be reused, recycled, or is biodegradable.

Our Vision

Boxxconect is here to help you sell high-quality products to discerning customers. Our white-glove, integrated approach to fulfillment can help differentiate you for success in your market segment. We believe that giving special care and attention to your customer  strengthens your brand identity and enhances customer retention.

In online retailing, the order fulfillment process is a unique opportunity to communicate directly and personally with your customers. You can’t afford to throw your product into a plain brown shipper with a few poly pillows and hope for the best.

Pay attention to your customer, and wow them with a memorable box opening experience to extend your sales and marketing strategy for increased up-sells and repeat purchases.

We are community-minded and use eco-friendly, frustration-free packaging. Being green is a core value we hope you share.

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