Our Vision

We believe that giving special care and attention to your customer strengthens your brand identity and enhances customer retention. What you do in order fulfillment can extend your sales and marketing strategy to the last touch point.

We are community-minded and use eco-friendly, frustration-free custom packaging. Being green is a core value we hope you share.

Management Team

Richard Lawrence, CEO & Founder

Richard formed boxxconnect to get involved in the many challenges and opportunities he saw in the rapid growth of online retailing. Product and brand development together with business strategy have been his passions during his lengthy career in financial services, information technology, and management consulting. In addition, he has served as an advisor, investor, and Board Member to several start-up businesses in the services industries.

During his corporate career, he served as a business executive in banking, information services and process operations in both the U.S. and Latin America. He was a co-founder of Bank Street Consulting Group in New York City servicing major U.S. financial institutions and major auto finance companies. As a Partner with Coopers & Lybrand, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and IBM Business Consulting Services, he focused on major financial institutions and corporate Clients in consumer and corporate banking, credit management, and information technology services in the U.S., European, Latin American and Asian markets. As an executive at Experian, he learned the power of consumer data in guiding businesses to accelerated growth and led business development and acquisitions in Latin America.

He believes that the future of retail is a blend of online a B&M channel development focused on creating brand building customer experiences and outstanding customer service.

When he relaxes, he spends his time outdoors in the mountains, on the beaches, or on the golf courses around the world. He holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University, and a BS in Economics from the University of Oregon.

David Lawrence, Co-Founder

A native of the Pacific Northwest, David spent over 35 years in high tech, successfully implementing initiatives of growth, strategic direction, operational delivery improvement, and setting new direction across markets and enterprise clients. He enjoys building and coaching service teams, designing customer solutions, marketing design, and is always looking for a new way to please the customer.

David is a board member and former Board Chair of a long-standing Seattle non-profit (1909) dedicated to providing early learning, early intervention, and counseling programs for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon.

David is an amateur photographer, passionate music listener and always ready for a glass of good wine.


Kevin Zhao, Head of Market Development

Kevin has been with the boxxconnect team since Summer of 2019. After serving as an Intern. He returned after his 2020 graduation from the university of California -Davis to assume responsibility for our market development strategy and activities. He leads our  sales and prospecting initiatives for the Wine and Corporate GiftBoxx line of services. Working with our marketing team, he leads the creation of content for the website, social media, promotions, and sales & marketing campaigns.  He has a great sense for the consumer’s point of view, and with his excellent photography skills, serves as our official photographer. He has worked in retail sales and various promotion campaigns before joining boxxconnect.

In his free time, he enjoys surfing, soccer, video-editing, and physical fitness.

Nicole Caird, Finance and Operations

Nicole has twenty-five years of accounting, finance, payroll, office management, and commercial industrial operations experience. She has worked in a wide range of companies from construction to manufacturing. She served as an Assistant General Manager and Production supervisor for manufacturer of automobile military vehicle seating. In her role at boxxconnect, she is responsible for accounting, tax, financial management, payroll, and fulfillment operations management activities. She oversees the VeraCore order and warehouse management systems. She is also in charge of training warehouse personnel to use those systems. Nicole Is QuickBooks certified and trained In ISO 9000 certification processes.

Tereso Carrillo, Warehouse Associate

Tereso is the man who keeps the warehouse organized and in first class operating order. Forklift driver, equipment repairman, receiving & shipping clerk, inventory and storage maintenance, keeps the facility sparkling, and gets the order shipments out the door on time and on their way to the customer.

Our Collaborators and ADVISORS

Lea Mclean

Designer, Graphic Artist, Visual Communicator – Translates vision, ideas, and products into spectacular eye-catching messaging, packaging, and customer communications strategies and artifacts that speak effectively to the customer.

Frank Nissen

Author, Artist, StoryTeller, Animation Director, and Ad Agency Executive – A keen talent for impacting consumer behavior with visual and written communication that inspires action drawing from his amazing 50 years of experience in the visual arts.

Steve Thomas

Engineer, Developer, Builder, and Accomplished Businessman – Turns vision into practical, doable solutions to business problems, keeping us on the rails with a positive outlook.

Our Values

  • We recognize how important your customers are to you.
  • We will act as your partner and help you to reach your brand and sales goals.
  • We strive for a simple, frictionless experience that offers the best marketing and fulfillment solutions for your business. 
  • We believe in zero-waste packaging. We use packaging that can be reused, recycled, or is biodegradable.
  • We support your commitment to important causes that your community and your customers care about.  
  • We will help you to elevate your online customer experience and add value, strengthen, and build your brand at every customer touch-point after the sale.

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